Monday, November 22, 2010

On the First Day of Christmas


Welcome to the Trans-Canada Etsy Team's Second Annual "12 Days of Christmas" promotion.
We could not be more pleased to have you join us again as we kick off the start of the holiday season. There is a great line-up of shops taking part this year, including some of our newest members.

This year's shops are:

RJCharms - Buy 3 Get One FREE (Indicate free choice at checkout – do not include it in your cart! Free item must of equal or lesser value to all purchased items. Promo offer is valid until Dec. 3 on new transactions only, and can not be combined with other offers.)

MyHandBoundBooks - Free Shipping on almost everything.

Pixel8ed - 15% off all items for the duration of our promo.

minouette - Check out Minouette's Sale Section, with free shipping on many of the items.

bnazar - 10% off orders of $20 or more (not including shipping)- refund through paypal or convo for an adjustment before purchasing. Quote "TCET Holiday" to receive the discount.

mythicalmatters - 10% off and a free Fortune Telling Miracle Fish!

tooaquarius - Free Shipping!

stringmealong - Save 20% when you enter coupon code TCET12DAYS. Also, free international shipping on most items.

motivatedmotion - Motivated Motion has many of its stock on sale. Savings of 10-25% are reflected in the description, and the items are already reduced for our customers convenience.

PenelopeKuhn - Receive 25 personalized note cards FREE with any custom portrait order!


prairiepeasant and prairiethreads - 10% off all items in either shop before shipping. Just state "12daysTCET" in the message to seller at checkout, and you will get a refund for the discount through Paypal.

rikrak - 15% off any purchase during the promotion. Enter the coupon code "2010HandmadeHolidays" during the Etsy check out process.

ellecools - 20% off all items in shop from November 22 through December 3. Mention '12 Days' in convo, email or comments, before or after purchase, and receive a 20% discount or refund. Free international shipping as always.

paisleybaby - 15% off the entire shop! Please use coupon code "PBABY15" at checkout.

TCET team shop

Join us over the next 11 days as the participating shops share some of their favorite things about Christmas.

And, now for the most exciting part of this event!! We once again have a fabulous prize package filled to brimming with exciting gifts from all the shops listed above.

There are two ways to win:
1) Make a purchase from any of the shops above and for every $10 spent per shop, you will receive a ballot.
2) Write a letter to Santa, telling him which item/s from our shops you would like to find under your tree this year. Just type it into our blog's comments.

We will draw for the prize on Dec 6th.

Remember to check back daily for lots more fun. And thank you for visiting with us today.


Kat said...

Dear Santa

I would like to find under my tree this Christmas the red luxurious bow stocking by rikrak, some gorgeous earrings from string me along and the hand marbled purple star book by prairiepeasant.

Thanks Santa!

P.S. Please do not get thrown off by our new fireplace.

Anonymous said...

Dear Santa

I would like to find under my tree the Autumn Memories leather handbound journal from la paperie and cozy!


oona. said...

Dear Santa:

I am crossing my fingers hoping to find a linocut Rabbit ornament from Minouette to grace my tree, the Woodland Wanderer fingerless gloves from OfftheHooks, and the beautiful mustard and grey stocking from the Rikrak Studio (the best stockings in the world!!)

We'll be waiting for you anxiously here in Portland, Oregon.
Thanks! foxsquirrelrabbit at gmail dot com

eclairre said...

Dear Santa,

I would be delighted to find Exerciser on Blue. A fused glass pendant necklace. under my tree! It just totally describes me and my attitude towards life. :) And, if its not much more trouble, I'd like Baroque Bride - Filigree Ring in White. Just so I can look gorgeous. ;)

Thank you!

KatieCan86 said...

Dear Santa,

This year for Christmas I really want:
1. Forever - An Altered Journal by pixel8ed on the from the TransCanadaTeam shop

2.2011 Weekly planner from HANDBOUND

3.Handwoven Recycled T-Shirt Rag Rug from fiveforty because I really love the colors!

I know that's alot Santa but it's so hard to choose one!

Katie Smith
P.S. I PROMISE I've been a GOOD girl this year!

If you want to talk here is my email

Deb (Two Cheeky Monkeys) said...

Oooh wow!

Dear Saint Nicholas,
my requests are:

1. This journal from myhandboundbooks:

2. The Life Moments Coasters - Sepia from pixel8ed

3. the Sheet Music Envelopes, 3.5 x 5 from prairie peasant.

4. Butterfly Pin (red corduroy backing) from minouette

5. eco friendly stocking in ivory cream, turquoise blue and green felt from rikrak!

debyeo at hotmail dot com

erin m. said...

Dear Santa: I saw a few things I would just love you to bring me this year! (I've been so good!)

1)MyhandboundBook:Purple and Red Floral - Hardcover journal

2)Stringmealong:Devonshire Necklace

3)mythicalmatter: Smells Like a Temple Bath Salts


igea said...

Dear Santa I love Cuco!It is os cute!!Tufted Needle Felted Commissioned Pieces:
What tender! I like it and hope that him run to my home!!

mom2girls said...

Mythical Matters makes the coolest things, Dearest Santa, I would love anything, everything, from the line of Smells like a Temple! I would love to smell like a temple this holiday season :) Thanks and enjoy the cookies Santa!

Emily R. said...


Id love to have the Autumn Leaves -handmade journal from My Hand Bound Books under the christmas tree. Please! :)

Christina said...

Christina - - Dear Santa, Most of all I'd like to find the fabulous Prize Package from all the listed shops under my tree!!!, but I'd also like the Weekly Planner Leather Handbound Journal from myhandboundbooks, the Devonshire Necklace from Stringmealong, and the Linocut Rabbit Ornament from Minouette! (Maybe you can also whisper these in my sweetie's ear!)

elaine said...

Dear Santa,
I would love pet stockings from RicRak for my 2 dogs,serpia script coasters from Pixel8ed for my hot chocolate and because I've been very good the beautiful spirit-teardrop opal ring from MotivatedMotion.

Elaine R

Viva said...

Dear Santa,
I've been good this year and on my wish list are: a Cosmic Flash Softcover Journal from prairiepeasant and the Tennis Stripes on Aqua from ellecools. Thank you!

Crystal said...

Dear Santa,
I have a big wishlist but i will be delighted with any of these handmade goodies.

From rjcharms i like the Viking Charm Necklace.

From MyHandBoundBooks i like the Dark Red Leather Journal.

From Pixel8ed i like the Sepia Script Coaster.

From Minouette i like the Fly Agaric 1st Edition Linoleum Block Print

From bnazer i like the Christmas Button Candy Cane Ornaments

From MythicalMatters i would like to try anything especially the Smells Like A Funeral Home Spray

I love the Beads at tooaquarius especially the Sweetheart Flower Girl and the Latte and Flowers Focal Beads.

Everything is pretty at stringalong,i really like the Vanilla Hazelnut Latte - A Flower Bracelet and the Violet - A Celebration of Purple - Bracelet

From motivatedmotion i like the Point Pleasant- Steampunk Pendant with and unique

Penelope Kruhn's shop is neat,i would love a Custom portrait - Whimsical photo illustration

I think the Berry Patch. Potholder with Upcycled, Handpainted wool from offthehooks shop would come in handy

From PrairiePeasants i like the Mediterranean Travel Journal

Cute stockings at rikrak's shop! I like the purple and white snowflake stocking made of eco friendly felt

From ellecools i like the Savannah Tree

From paisleybaby's shop i like the Zipper Snap Handle Wet Bag in Blue Groovy Guitars

Thanks Santa,There will be cookies and milk for you!!

cyclona66 at aol dot com

Wehaf said...

Dear Santa,

my boyfriend and I have a new house, and we're spending CHristmas together this year. We've been very good, but we need some new things this year. Some, we'd love some stockings from rikrak; I especially love the custom monogram initial stocking made of white eco friendly felt. The Autumn Leaves journal from MyHandboundBooks would be a great way for us to record our life together, and minouette's Linocut Rhino Ornament would be perfect for our first tree.

I'd love to wear the "A Rose in Shadow on a Clear Evening" necklace from stringmealong when we have our Christmas dinner, and a Sunset Stripes fused glass bracelet from ellecools.

Finally, we could put our photos into the Moonlight Snow Accordion Book from PrairiePeasant to remember our first Christmas in our new house.

Thanks Santa!

urchiken at gmail dot com

chillovely said...

Dear Santa,

I would like a Savannah Tree pendant from ellecool's shop!

Fellow Rover said...

Dear Santa,

It's that time of the year again! I have decorated my christmas tree. Now all I need are the presents underneath the tree. This year, it would be nice to have the following:
Red and Gold Hardcover Journal from My Hand Bound Books.
Peace Poppies Softcover Journal.
You know how I love to write.

Thanks Santa and have a merry christmas!

khrisocubillo at yahoo dot com

fisiwoman said...

Dear Santa

I would like to find under my tree this Christmas Owl on Blue and Brown. A fused glass pendant necklace, from ellecools' shop. I'd like too Cosmic Loop scarf- with Felted and Handspun yarns, from OffTheHooks' shop.
Thanks you, Santa!

Ana Belén R.M

Amber said...

Dear Santa,

I would love to find under the CHristmas Tree or in my stocking the Smells Like A Flower Body Lotion by mythicalmatters, the Sweet Lavender Garden Polymer Clay Girl Focal Bead 477 by tooaquarius, and the Ma - The Horse - Linocut, 7th in Chinese Zodiac- Limited Edition and the Matrioshka Mama Linocut Monoprint from minouette

Thank you for the giveaway :)

CerenaLeigh said...

dear santa-
I would love to have the London bound travel journal from Praire Peasant's shop and the Red/Gold Handbound Journal from myhandboundbook's shop. They're both gorgeous!!


Christina said...

Dear Santa,

This year I would love to find under my Christmas tree are two things. First the London England Travel Journal. I love how it looks so well made and I just love London :). Second Storm Cloud. Fingerless Gloves with Upcycled Yarn and Thumb Sleeves. I have been in dire need of gloves and these would do perfectly :). Thank you!

Daph said...

Mythicalmatters smells like a temple bath salts SANTA!!! I really really have been a good girl for most of this past year;)

Kit-Kat said...

Dear Santa,

I would love to get just about anything from the talented people on etsy :) Especially a knitted hat or handwarmers.


PS. I've been good ;)

Jo said...

Dear Santa,

I would love the Caramel Leather Journal from MyHandboundBooks, the Heartbreak House Rebound Journal from PrairiePleasant and the Slim Cosmetic Zipper Pouch in Black Lagoon Hoopla Dot from paisleybaby. :)

-Jo (jo.tee35 AT gmail DOT com)

h. mcnaron said...

dear santa,
i want world peace for christmas. if i can't have that then i want the tigers eye mandala from motivatedmotion and you could put it in a retro ornament stocking in eco friendly felt by rikrak if you wanted


h. mcnaron said...

oh and santa if you need my email it is hmcnaron at gmail dot com

thanks santa
yer hot

Charmily said...

Dear Santa,
I wish for more people to make eco friendly decisions and craft DIY christmas ornaments :)
I love Canada! And I Love! THanks!

mamipdx said...

dearest santa-
i am hoping to find the Life is Simple Felted Knitting Bag from off the hooks, the Narwhals Lino Relief Print from minouette, the Baby Bib in Tangerine Orange Lindy Leaf from paisley baby (that one is for my toddler!), and the rikrak Christmas white with grey / gray and white knickknack eco friendly felt stocking. i suppose i'll have to use the stocking next year, but i can wait. thanks so much, santa. we'll be sure to leave you some ginger snaps and hot black coffee to warm you up.
divertida at fastmail dot fm

Jenny Stamos said...

Dear Santa,
I would like to find a purple and lilac retro mod stocking from rikrak, the Singing Birds pendant from ellecools, and the Dark Red Leather Journal from MyHandboundBooks.


Tania said...

Dear santa,

I would like to find
Zipper Snap Handle Wet Bag in Alphonse and Mona from paisleybaby's shop
Equestrian - Horse Charm Bookmark from rjcharms' shop
Peace Poppies Softcover Journal from PrairiePeasant's shop
to find under my tree

Olga said...

Dear Santa,
you know I have been so nice all year;). If it isn't too much I would love to get Blushing Blooms - Earrings. Don't you think it would be perfect with reading Jane Austen book at Christmas evening?

va said...

Dear Santa ,

I would love to have this teapot necklace from RJ charms .

Since I love tea i think it would make a nice gift .
I also like the cup necklace too .

Thank you Santa ,

I hope you get some brownies and milk this year from many homes .
Happy Holidays !

tumblemumbo at gmail dot com

pippirose said...

Dear Santa:
I've been a good girl this year. Haven't bought ANY new wool--used up what was in my stash. So I would LOVE the Salt water Taffee Handpainted Local Angora and Merino Yarn--from Offthehooks.
pippirose59 at gmail dot com

xlacrimax said...

Dear Santa,
I have been an especially good girl this year, so I think I deserve some really nice Christmas presents.. And I know You are old and thinking gets harder done when you are old, so I will make it easier for You and give You a list with what I will be superultramegaduper excited to find under the Christmas tree. So, here You go:
Dainty in Red. Vintage Drop Earrings. (from RJCharms)
Purple and Red Floral - Hardcover journal (from MyHandBoundBooks)
Sunshine Yellow Flowers Round Polymer Clay Bead Set 336 (from tooaquarius)
Lotus. Fingerless Floves with Handpainted Yarn Needle Felted Details (from offthehooks).
I hope this letter reaches You just in time to make me happy.
Best wishes!

Mandah said...

Dear Santa,

I am in love withe the charms from RJCharms! Especially the London Calling, Sweep Hard, Nature, Pretzel Twist, Gone Camping, Lucky, and the Adirondack Chair. If I got all those, I would have enough for a bracelet!

Thank you!

damn.precious.etsy at gmail dot com

Jo said...

Please bring me a Birds on a Wire pendant from Ellecools. I love birds in jewelry. I would also love to find the Seahorse Pillow - Engelbert under the tree because I think sea creatures are lovely.
Thank you, and I will certainly leave you some cookies and milk.
jorossi at gmail dot com

very married said...

Dear Santa,

This year I have been good. I would love a little treat under the christmas tree - or even ON the tree like a button wreath. If you need a little help finding a nice one, here is a fun link:



Aurel said...


Listen- I don't ask for a lot. In fact I don't expect a stocking at all. But this year I wouldn't mind getting a necklace from Stringmealong. I like the Bird protecting the nest necklace. I think I deserve a little love! And I think I'll keep my request short and simple. You should be able to handle that, right?
Thanks bunches Santa Baby!

Ella said...

Dear Santa,

I would love to find the Large Wet Bag in Blue Green Vintage Bittersweet from paisleybaby under my tree this Christmas. It would be perfect for when I go swimming, or for separating dirty laundry when I'm going back and forth between my house and dorm. Plus, the fabric is just great.

- Ella


Candy said...

Dear Santa,

I'm not sure I believe in you, but if you exist, please fill up one rikrak eco friendly felt stocking in fun bright colors with chocolate and leave it on the fireplace. If you do this for me, I will totally believe in you forever and ever! :)

oohmybento at gmail dot com

someone in jogja city said...

For my Mr.Santa..anywhere..
i hvnt any idea to tell well to you.maybe kids would very smart to send you a letter:)
But now i must !
coz..pliisss i want this xmas more special with:
#Copper Frond Earrings by stringmealong you cand find it here:
hmm..i will choose cute one for you too:
#Forever - An Altered Journal by pixel8ed:) hope u like it >,<
Joy for u..Wulan, Indonesia

Aik said...

I love the Dogwood - Cascading Earrings from stringmealong.

aikychien at yahoo dot com

Anonymous said...

Dear Santa,

If you have the chance, could you please send me the Saltwater Taffee Handpainted Local Angora and Merino Yarn by OffTheHooks?

I love the colours and am such a sucker for squishable yarn ;)


(on etsy I'm known as arcticdragon)

mare said...
This comment has been removed by the author.
mare said...

Dearest Santa,
this year I have bunch of wishes, but i am sure you wont mind. It's just that these etsy shops are full of beautiful things that it's so hard to decide what do i want the most. I am sure you would think the same if you see all those beautiful stuff in etsy shops.. Or at least Miss Santa will love it.. Under my Christmas tree i would like to find some jewelry, like Exotic Tree Frog Necklace or maybe some scarf like Mist. Hand Crocheted Pocket Scarf. Well, thank you Santa, whatever you bring to me.. i only hope it will be from these awesome etsy shops! See you soon! :)

isollea at gmail dot com

Ashley 2B James said...

Dearest Santa,

I have been extra good this year, so I have an extra long list! I would like to get an oak wood journal from MyHandboundBooks, sepia script coasters from pixel8ed, an anglerfish linocut from minouette, a bold black button brooch from bnazar, brown nautilus shell polymer clay slice beads from tooaquarius, wildberry re-slippers/socks from offthehooks, around the world map envelopes from PrairiePeasant, eco friendly stockings in gray, gold and white from rikrak, YES glass pendant on powder blue and orange from ellecools, and a zipper pencil cosmetic pouch in blue porch dotted leaves from paisley baby! Phew, see, that wasn't that much!! I'm really countin' on ya' Santa!!


Shooting Stars Mag said...

dear santa,

I would love the Camel Brown Leather Journal from Myhandbound books and Drink Me. Alice in Wonderland Inspired Charm Necklace from RJ charms

lauren51990 at aol dot com

kntine said...

Dear Santa,
I would like to find the Tree of Life Pendant and the Faux Chenille Scarf under my Christmas tree this year,
thank you !(:

Jasmine1485 said...

Dear Santa,

Please please please bring me the 'Delicate in White and Gold. Vintage Pendant Necklace' from RJ Charms, the 'Prairie Autumn Softcover Journal' from Prairie Peasant and the 'turquoise and red felt eco stocking' from Rik Rak!

Love Jasmine1485

Kate1485 at

penelope stitch stop said...

Dear Santa, I really like the My Tattooed Heart Charm Earrings from RJ Charms and stringmealong I like the Cubist - Swarovski Earrings.

409cope said...

Dear Santa: I would love to see the Coffee Browns Polymer Clay Lentil Beads from tooaquarius and the Poppies Linocut from Minoutte under my tree this year! Thanks Shari cardshark42(at)hotmail(dot)com

siilenti said...

Dear Santa,

I would love the Hazelnut Leather Journal with 384 pages from MyHandBoundBook. And the Singing Birds necklace from ElleCools. And my doggies would totally love their own Pet Stocking from RikRak.


LEFTZ said...

Dear Santa,

I would love to adorn my neck with the artwork from ellecools. The cool, calming colors and designs just make me smile.

And if you put a pony under my tree, I wouldn't complain either ;)


Sarah ( said...

Dear Santa,

I love so many of these vendors, but I'll keep it to 3 things (because my daughters are only allowed to ask for 3 things from Santa, so it's only fair!)

1. Oooooo, any of the Journals by MyHandboundBooks, but the little red pocket journal is lovely.

2. The North America travel journal from Prairie Peasant (I'm a sucker for maps and travel!)

3. Ornaments from Rik Rak!


PoppyLand said...

Dear Santa!

I've been a good girl this year! I don't have many wishes, but please please bring me 2011 Weekly Planner - leather - handbound from MyHandboundBooks! see, how pretty it is:

Pretty please with an angel on top!

landofpoppies at gmail dot com

Daya, muito prazer... said...

I was a reaaly good girl, please give me:


Heavensent1 said...

Dear Santa,

I have been a good gurl and this year I would love to see some of these things under my tree...

RJ Charms - Viking Charm Necklace

MyHandboundBooks - Double Double toil and trouble Halloween journal

Pixel8bed - Orange Friend Journal

Minouette - Zhu - The Pig, Linocut 12th in Chinese Zodiac

bnazar - you Are my sunshine button bangle

Mythical Matters - Smells Lika A Temple Bath Salts

Tooaquarius - A Dozen Black and White Beads

StringMeAlong -Dreaming in Brown Sugar Necklace

Motivated Motion - Mulder Believes-OOAK Alien Sculpture

Penelope Kuhn - Custom portrait with 6 images

Off The Hooks - Storm Cloud Fingerless gloves

PrairiePeasant - To Dance, To Dream Rebound Journal

PrairieThreads - Ecofriendly Shades of Purple Scarf

Rikrak -- Blue Luxurious Bow Stocking

Ellecools - Tricolor Bubbles necklace

PaisleyBaby - Slim Cosmetic Zipper Peace signs pouch

TCET - The Gorgeous Greens Team Canada Goodie Bag

I will leave you some milk/cookies and some fruits/vegies for your caribou...heavensent1@yahoo dotcom

asuka said...

Dear Santa,

here's my list. Please be kind, I've been a good girl! :)

A pink leather journal:
A cute necklace:
Turquoise flowers to put on a bracelet:
The scent of xmas:
A wonderful ring_
And another journal, for my travels:

Please please please!

By the way, the cookies and milk are by the fireplace. :)

so.kitsch at gmail dot com

Shairbearg said...

Dear Santa,

You know how much I love yarn. Please please please let me have some of this beautiful yarn for Christmas!!

thepricklypinecone said...

Dear Santa,

I would love to wake up and unwrap a button snowflake ornament from bnazar!


Lily said...

Dear Santa,

I would love to find Smoky, A Necklace from stringmealong, Poppies Linocut from minouette, and Paparazzi Camera Charm Necklace from rjcharms under my tree this year, thanks very much!

Lilyhoot at gmail dot com