Sunday, November 28, 2010

On the Seventh Day of Christmas

Hello again, and welcome to the seventh day of Christmas.

Today we meet team members, stringmealong and tooaquarius.

First, let's meet Carol of stringmealong. Carol now resides near Halifax, Nova Scotia. She crafts jewellery and accessories from a variety of materials.

Carol shares this Christmas memory.

One of my favorite things about Christmas has always been decorating the tree. When we were children, we always went as a family to pick a giant, bushy Scotch Pine. My mother insisted they smelled the best. Unboxing the ornaments year after year brought out more and more memories. We would hang the ornaments that my nana had made from upturned prescription bottles with miniature trees and figures stashed inside. Out came the various school craft projects: a lollipop made from strips of rolled felt; a lopsided stuffed snowman. Eagerly we would grapple for the ornaments that my mom had made with styrofoam balls with strips of velvet rikrak, and various beads pinned in place. They seemed so opulent!
Finally, out would come the "chocolate chip cookies", silver ornaments with streaky dots of blue and purple. Mom would mist over year after year as she lingered over these ornaments, the first ornaments that she and my father ever bought. Years later, all four of the children have one of these oraments to hang with pride of place on our own trees.

Now we meet Elaine of tooaquarius. Elaine is from Swift Current, Saskatchewan and is a crafter of gorgeous polymer clay beads.

Elaine shares this lovely memory of a Christmas past:

My favourite Christmas memory would be the one in second grade. I was still six and we were very poor that year. My mom warned me the holiday season might be a little lean in terms of gifts and extras. Still, we woke up to our little wrapped boxes under the tree and in there was the Cabbage Patch Kid I had been praying for every single day for months. The absolute joy that one doll brought me is still a treasured memory. She's now my daughter's Cabbage Patch Kid and she still makes me grin when I see her.

Thanks for sharing your memories.

Join us again tomorrow as we meet two more of our team members. In the meantime, click the badge below to see how a purchase from RJ, Minouette, or our other participating members can earn you a ballot to win our great prize.

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Gillian said...

I have several pieces of Carol's jewellery and I love them!