Thursday, November 11, 2010

Vote for your favorite - Red for Remembrance

Our team members were invited to submit their creative projects for a team challenge, with the theme "Red for Remembrance". Click on each photo to get a full description and more photos. Then vote for your favorite using the poll below. Also please take a few minutes to remember our heroes today and everyday.

Voting will continue until the evening of Nov 15th. Whoever receives the most votes will be awarded the Trans Canada Etsy Team Challenge Winner Badge.

We also want your suggestions for future challenges. If you have an idea for a theme that we should try, please leave a comment to tell us. We will select one of the suggestions for the next round.

A. Peace Poppies Journal
by PrairiePeasant

B.Fingerless Gloves
by OfftheHooks

C. Earth Peace Zippered Pouch
by PaisleyBaby

D. Weekend Bag
by Crysto

E. Poppies Linocut
by Minouette

F. Fire and Ash Necklace
by DarlingDilemma

G. Eco Felt Stocking
by rikrak

H. Red Rose Earrings
by DesignedbyRJ

I. Button Poppy brooch
by bnazar

J. Sculpted Poppy beads
by tooaquarius


Emma Dilemma said...

Suggestions for the next round;
'Mother of Invention' gifts for moms

Winter White

Or Sugar Plum

... just a few ideas...

Storm said...

Ideas for future Challenge themes!!! :)

Something I've never tried before
Something that makes me uncomfortable
Something I've learned
Something odd
Something that scares me
Something outrageous

Brigitte said...

Ooo I like the winter white idea.

They're all great.

As are the lovely reds from this challenge.