Thursday, April 21, 2011

We Heart Moms: Brigitte's Button Bijoux

Today's post comes to us from Brigitte of Brigitte's Button Bijoux in Stratford, Ontario:

Almost a decade before I was born my Dad took a post doc position in Houston, Texas and he and my Mum moved south for 5 years. One of their longest lasting souvenirs from their time there is a small paperback cookbook titled "Just Like Mother Made Ozark Recipes" by Louise Henderson. The only recipe I can ever recall my Mum making from this cookbook is the "Strawberry Cake".

This cake is legendary in our family. Except for a brief stint when my brothers and I were teenagers, and she was feeling really generous, my Mum makes this cake once a year, for my Dad's birthday in December. It is a rich, decadently sweet, strawberry treat that starts off gooey, and ages to chilled perfection in the fridge as you find any excuse to consume another slice.

The highlight for us kids in the cake making process was the icing. My Mum would haul out her avocado green mix master (a wedding gift that is still giving more than 40 years later) and mix up a glorious concoction of butter, cream cheese, frozen strawberries (thawed and drained), and copious amounts of icing sugar (just how much depended on how well she'd drained the berries). Once mixed the pink icing was spread all over and between the two layers of cake.

Then came the best part: Licking the beaters. There are three of us kids, and only two beaters. So for a troubled time between when my younger brother grew old enough to be able to lick beaters, and my older brother grew too old to care, one of us got stuck with the scraped out bowl. The bowl might have had a bit more icing, but the beaters were far better. They were layered. The top layer was the sweet delicious strawberry icing. But below that were bits of cream cheese, butter, and strawberry chunks that hadn't quite mixed in. The contrast of flavours was hard to beat.

About five years ago we celebrated Mother's Day at my brother's house. I could not tell you what I gave my Mum as a gift but I do remember the card. It is my own personal card buying triumph. On the front it read "Good mothers let their children lick the beaters." And inside "Great mothers turn the mixer off first!" The cake involved is a bright gooey pink. We howled. (Maybe it's a Nazar thing).

Cheers to "Great Mothers" everywhere!

Here's my Great Mum's well-loved Strawberry Cake recipe:
She uses two 9" round cake pans, and follows the recipe on the cake mix box for how long to cook.
Make sure to drain the strawberries very well!

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PrairiePeasant said...

What a wonderful story Brigitte! The card was perfect, could have applied to my family too!

Penelope Kuhn said...

Love your delicious story!