Thursday, April 14, 2011

We heart Moms: OffTheHooks

Today we visit Ashley of OffTheHooks in Alberta who shares some thoughts about her grandma and great-grandmother:

My great-grandmother passed away when I was really young. Though I did not get to know her because I was so young, I always feel her presence and influence which is passed on to me by my grandma. On September 16, 2009, I reached 80 sales in my etsy shop. It also coincided with my grandma's 80th birthday. Here's a quote from my blog post from that day:
Alright. I'm having one of those "whoa" moments. I just put the puzzle pieces together. Today, I reached 80 sales in my shop. Today is also my paternal grandma's 80th birthday, AND I just noticed that this is my 85th blog post!! And, my first front page on etsy was on August 8, 2008 (08/08/08), which was a tea cozy that I named after my great-grandma; Mrs. Peterson's Tea Cozy.
What's with all the 8's??? I sometimes wonder if my great-grandmother is out there cheering me on; it seems a little too coincidental. I think about her often, even though she passed away when I was quite young. I think she's a big part of who I am today- through my grandma, I have inherited her sense of thrift, hard work, and strength. It's something I'm really grateful for, and its so amazing that I get these little reminders periodically- it's so encouraging!
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Brigitte said...

So many lucky eights. Very cool story. Thanks for sharing.

PrairieBlossoms said...

What great "coincidences"! It sounds like you had wonderful role models. Thank you for sharing.