Saturday, April 16, 2011

We Heart Moms: Prairie Peasant

Today Laura from Prairie Peasant in Manitoba shares how inspirational her mom is with us:

My mother is very special to me. She's been a role model and inspiration for me all of my life. Looking back on some of the things she did as we were growing up, I'm so amazed. With four young children she managed to go back to school--I still don't know how! We went on road trips and went camping as a family every summer—I'm sure it must have been less work back then! She also showed me that it was possible for a mother to balance work, family time and personal time.

My mom worked as a nurse, had several hobbies, and still had time for her children. Back then, at times my mom may have created out of necessity, including sewing a lot of our clothes, but this still nurtured my love of making things. I remember endless hours playing with my mother's button jars, yarn scraps and boxes of fabrics. Now I have my own button jars, yarn scraps and boxes of fabric for my daughters to play with.

Thanks Mom! I love you.


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Brigitte said...

So sweet. I love button jars!