Sunday, April 17, 2011

We Heart Moms: Willow Cat Studio

Today Dre from Willow Cat Studios in Manitoba shares with us a special message to her mom:

My mom has always been totally out spoken, a force to reckon with, independent, strong, quick to rebut and a not always the best listener for the little things but the best one for the big things. She has always always always made it known that I am her first priority growing up. She is gorgeous, has an unforgettable presence and sense of style and I often wondered if she missed her calling in fashion or interior design, but no, she was a natural at caring for people, my grandparents and me. Tough as nails and soft and custard this woman bent over backwards to ensure I had everything I needed and given the opportunities to experience life. I am sure she sacrificed freedom, love and dreams so that her little girl would want for not. My mother turns 60 this month and she is just as much the wonder she has ever been, less the arthritic thumbs and the wonky knee that cause her both annoyance and amusement.

So my beautiful mom, I send the biggest and bestest Happy Birthday as well as my heartfelt gratitude to You, the heavens and universe that I was given the gift of being your daughter.


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Brigitte said...

Lovely! Happy Birthday to your Mom:)