Saturday, May 28, 2011

How To: Tawny Bee's Summer Reading Bookmarks

Since I (Tawny Bee) am the featured seller on this awesome blog for a few weeks, I thought I''d share a tutorial or two... or three. And not just any tutorials - they'll be tutorials on how to make some of my shop's most popular items! :D

Today I'll show you how to make some summer reading bookmarks. These make great grad gifts, or birthday party favours. I've had teachers buy them up for their students' year-end parties. If you still read actual physical books (like me!) then these bookmarks are a must have!

The following blog post originally appeared on my blog The L-T Experience on May 5th 2010 (of course, I've made some changes to update it and make it even more spectacular for all of you treasured TCET readers)


Don't you just love sitting under a big apple tree in the summer sun and reading a book cover to cover? Oh wait... I'm a mommy - we don't have uninterrupted time for that! Instead, we have to be watching our children out of the corner of our eye while half glancing at the book. We maybe get a few pages read (or reread because we missed a bunch while the toddler was throwing mud at his sister), then we gotta bookmark our page and get on with life.

No one said that we couldn't have a pretty bookmark though! :)

I make a pile of these bookmarks to put in with orders. I think it's a nice little extra surprise. My last pile of bookmarks is down to one, so it's time to make some more.

Supplies Needed:
- you can make these bookmarks out of scrap fabric, or make a bunch out of a fat quarter. One bookmark is two pieces 3 inches by 7.5 (or 8 or 9 inches) You don't have to use the same fabric for both sides.
- fusible interfacing (also 3 by 7.5 inches) or fusible webbing will work as well (I've actually been making most of mine out of this lately)
- ribbon - 2 cuts (1 is 4 inches long and the other is 3 inches long)
- contrasting thread

Skill Needed:
- easy
- some machine sewing

Time Needed:
- To make one it'll take about 20 minutes

Step One:
Cut out the pieces you see in the above picture. Two pieces of fabric 3 by 7.5", One piece of interfacing 3 by 7.5", and two pieces of ribbon (3" and 4")

Step Two:
Place your fusible interfacing glue side to wrong side of one piece of fabric. Sandwich your two pieces of ribbon in between and fuse interfacing in place. This give a nice thickness to your marker and holds the ribbon in place for stitching.

Step Three:
Place your second piece of fabric wrong side to interfacing piece and pin in place. It's OK if the interfacing or the pieces of fabric don't match up exactly. We'll trim it down later.

Step Four:
If you have a fancy sewing machine like mine (actually it's not that fancy, but it is to me), then you can choose a fun stitch to decorate the edges of the bookmark. This is a good chance to try out some of those decorative stitches that I know you've been dying to try! I used a contrasting thread colour so that it really shows up when stitched. If you don't have a sewing machine - never fear, you can also stitch around the edges by hand. If you know any embroidery stitches, this is a good place to try them out. Leave some room on all edges for trimming.

Step Five:
Trim around the edges to make it all lined up and nice. If your pinking shears are not in dire need of some serious TLC, then use them. It looks really cool. Otherwise, plain scissors will work as well.

6) Get to your book learnin'


As always with a Tawny Bee tutorial, you may use it in any way you see fit. Make bookmarks for the whole family, for the mailman, for your local sexy librarian. Make them to sell - whatever you like. If you don't really feel like making a pile of them yourself, you can purchase some really nice ones from Tawny Bee:


Penelope Kuhn said...

Really cool. Will be fun to make some with my daughter!

Brigitte said...

Fabulous project! Thanks for sharing the step-by-step instructions:)

Mythical Matters said...

I'm all tutorialized!

Nicole RJ said...

Such cute bookmarks! I really need to dust off my sewing machinr and get it working again!