Wednesday, June 15, 2011

Kitchen Party

Want to know my favorite room in my house?  It's the kitchen.  Not simply because it is warm and inviting.  And not just because it's the place where good meals and great conversation are born.  And not even because as a kitchen in Atlantic Canada it is the spot where every good party will end.  I love it because it is home to some of my favorite items from fellow team members.

When I stand in my kitchen, either to wash dishes at the sink or to stir a pot on the stove, I have to shuffle my upcycled wool sweater rug to where it will cheer my weary feet.  These amazing rugs are handwoven by member fiveforty.  The felted wool sweater strips provide excellent cushioning, and provide a warm barrier between toes and a cold floor.

Waiting in the cupboard is a hand thrown casserole dish.  Cool white with a lovely blue trim, and
beautifully formed decorative handles, this dish came to me from the shop of adornyourself.  An absolutely perfect size for a slow baked ratatouille side dish or a generous single-serving of rich onion soup.

Easily the most fun accessories that my kitchen boasts are darling polka dot fabric coasters from paisleybaby that ended up being a serendipitous match to a set of sweet button wine charms from bnazar.  Honestly, a match made in heaven, no?

Be sure to check all the great team shops.  There are loads of treasures to be found.


Brigitte said...

Looks fabulous!

I love seeing my pieces in action:D

Thanks Carol!

PrairieBlossoms said...

What great purchase you've made!!
Such wonderful Canadian talent.

PrairiePeasant said...

This is great Carol! As Brigitte said, it is wonderful to see team members' items in action and to see how beautiful and functional they are!