Wednesday, August 10, 2011

Featured Seller - Chicki

Our next Featured Seller is Chicki of Chicki. and ChickiBeads. Chicki hails from nearSaskatoon, Saskatchewan. Her shops offer up beautifully crafted handmade jewelry and the supplies to make your own.

Chicki is a master of finding ways to fit her love of crafting into her busy family life:

"I am a proud stay-at-home mom. I love my children and am very grateful that I get to be at home with them. I have always loved creating, crafting and making an artsy mess! This is what I do when I have free time, which is usually when I can squeeze in a minute here or there. I have been known to work at night when the kids are in bed sound asleep. I also have a very supportive husband who is a great help!!"

Chicki's love for working with polymer clay has lead to the start of her jewelry line and had brought her some fame too:

"Several years ago, I dove into the exciting world of polymer clay and have not looked back. I absolutely love working with clay and the versatility clay has. It can mimic many things, makes great jewelry, and is so lightweight!

I started with polymer clay and bead making and started to accumulate a lot of inventory. I sold a few pieces locally and I had compliments on many of my pieces and thought I would start selling online and found Etsy. It looked like a great place with a lot of wonderful handmade goodies and I thought my stuff would fit in. The rest is history!

I have recently had my work published in Polymer CafĂ© Magazine in the August 2010 Reader’s Gallery."

Recently she's started to move beyond clay into new and exciting jewelry creations:

"My newest interests are of wirework and chainmaille. I have recently started working with wire and metals and find it very enjoyable as well! I love to create free-form pendants of sterling and copper as well as funky and fun earrings!" [Blogger's note: I have a pair of Chicki's copper hoop earrings that I love]

Chicki shares the ups and downs of have a small home-based business:

"I love the flexibility it brings. I can work how much or when I want. But the unpredictability of sales and even views can sometimes be frustrating and hard. But being able to do what I love and stay home with my kids is a reward in itself."

She has many different influences when it comes to creating:

"I love nature and the outdoors. Some pieces are influenced by that. I personally love earthy type creations. I also enjoy colour, which influences my work as well. I love to look at all the talented works others have created as well which sometimes fuels my creative fire.

I love music and always have. My ipod has almost 1000 songs on it and when it is time to create I take it with me down to my small studio. I put it on random and just let the music play. I like all types of music from pop, rock, hip hop and even a bit of country. Quite an eclectic mix actually. I just go with the flow and see where it all takes me. Sometimes great things are created, others not so much. These pieces are set aside and reworked later."

Thanks for sharing Chicki!

You can see and purchase Chicki's fabulous pieces at:

And you can visit her blog at:


Tina said...

Thank for the feature!!

PrairiePeasant said...

Chicki's work is beautiful! I love the new primitive people motif on the last piece!

Eva said...

Such beautiful work.