Saturday, September 17, 2011

Featured Seller - Prairie Peasant

Our new featured seller is Winnipeg-based Laura from PrairiePeasant and PrairieThreads.   Laura is the creator of upcycled handbound journals and fabric goods.

There have always been two creative passions in Laura's life.
From her early beginnings of finger-painting and hand sewing doll clothes, Laura was torn between creating with paper or fabric right from the beginning. Primarily self-taught, she has developed her artistic skills through local classes including marbling, bookbinding, fabric dying and quilting, and through small guilds devoted to bookbinding, calligraphy and quilting. Laura is employed part-time as an Occupational Therapist at a local hospital where she must think creatively to help her clients maximize their ability to function independently outside of the hospital.

Laura has been on etsy for over three years.
Laura first discovered Etsy through a craft magazine and soon became hooked. After a few months, she opened her PrairiePeasant shop (3 years ago) where she sells handbound books, envelopes and cards. A year and a half later she opened her PrairieThreads shop, where she sells hand sewn and hand knit items. Etsy has proven to be an ideal venue for her, allowing her to invest as much time and effort as she has available, while balancing work and family time.

Creativity is a family affair.
Laura is fortunate to be married to a very creative man, and to have two artistically inclined daughters. She loves nurturing her daughters’ creativity, making jewelry with them, teaching them to sew and even bind books. Her family is very supportive of her endeavors, and she knows she has a good product when her daughters beg for it not to be listed, but to be used at home instead.

Re-Purposing materials
Both of Laura’s shops, PrairieThreads and PrairiePeasant, have a focus on using re-purposed materials to make something new and useful. Her Rebound Journals are made from once-loved-but-now-discarded old books and her coiled matts use vintage clothing and fabrics in a new way. When she is not in her studio, she can often be found searching for new materials at thrift shops and garage sales--or maybe relaxing with a book or digging something up in her flower gardens.

A bonus for our readers
From now until October 1st,  Laura is offering 15% off all items in both her shops, with the coupon code CANADA2011.  Click the photos above to be taken to her shops.


Ashley said...

Laura you are so talented! I love how you re-purpose things into such beautiful items!

Erin said...

I'm kinda addicted to Laura's books. I'm rushing home every day to see when my new treasure (#3 for me alone!) will get here. soo excited. Her work is flawless and fun.